/bɛnt / (say bent)

1. curved; crooked: a bent stick; a bent finger.
2. Colloquial dishonest; corrupt: *We'd done it all before; the security guard paid off, out the back having a smoke, the bent coppers taking their cut, but this time something went wrong. –dorothy hewett, 1999.
3. Colloquial not true; misconstrued.
4. Colloquial diverging from what is considered to be normal or conservative behaviour.
5. Colloquial (derogatory) homosexual.
6. Colloquial stolen: to sell bent goods.
7. Music (of a tone) slightly altered from the pitch of the diatonic scale: a bent note.
8. (of a diver) suffering from the bends.
9. bent state or form.
10. direction taken; inclination; leaning; bias: a bent for painting.
11. capacity of endurance.
12. Civil Engineering a transverse frame of a bridge or a building, designed to support either vertical or horizontal loads.
13. Colloquial someone who diverges from the orthodox patterns of society, as a homosexual, a taker of illegal drugs, etc.
14. bent on (or upon), set on: bent on having fun; bent upon escape.
{past participle of bend1}
/bɛnt / (say bent)

1. bent grass.
2. a stalk of such grass.
3. Obsolete any stiff grass or sedge.
{Middle English; Old English beonet}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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